NetLand from the beginning of it activity is offering services at the highest level. In our offer we have services connected with computer science and geodesy, with project management, consulting in acquiring funds from the EU, IT outsourcing and a lot other.

We are delivering the software facilitating the realization every now and then of difficult tasks, using newest, simultaneously the most optimum technologies and computer solutions. More.



In our portfolio we have a ready System for the implementation integratedof spatial information. Our solution, in comparing to other suggested systems on the market, is giving you the possibility of integration of works of all Departments in one location from additional of visualisation of undertakings implemented by the Commune on the map. More.


SmartSAB is an Intelligent System of the Mobilization of unemployed persons is an innovative tool being aimed at assisting district job centres in the completion of the process of mobilizations of unemployed persons. SmartSAB through integration with the SyriuszSTD system used by offices is giving the possibility of making available of online situations vacant… More.


The Internet of the Thing constitutes the new branch of products offered by NetLand. According to assumptions of the concept we are implementing the Internet of the Thing devices and services allowing for explicit identifying objects, accumulation, processing or exchanging data via the network. More.


Raising the awareness of residents for chosen residential area is a main purpose of new series of products. The purpose is staying achieved thanks to applying information-communications technologies, at automatic increasing of the interactivity both the productivity of the technical infrastructure and her components of components. More.


NetLand beacon it is a small transmitter of a radio signal, which appropriately programmed is contacting the dedicated application on devices of the type smart in order to show information needed for us. Currently our beacony are being tested in supporting the personnel of intelligent buildings. More.


NEMO E-LEARNING is an innovative tool for realizing the remote learning, i.e. via the Internet. He is a response to the need of the adaptation and existing or of producing new standards, thanks to which basing the electronic educational system on widely accepted principles is possible. More.

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