uL 3.0

Real-time measurement data acquisition from media meters
and gain in technological neutrality.


The uL 3.0 concentrator enables radio reception of meter readings such as water meters, heat meters, gas meters, electricity meters, and data transmission to the telemetric and computational cloud via GSM.

Unit uL 3.0 is a hardware component of the authoritative GlobeOMS telemetry system, in which the collected data is presented and analyzed. It can also be used as a hardware component of any telemetric surveillance system.

The most important feature of uL 3.0 is a real-time operation (data acquisition and transmission). Moreover, the uL 3.0 hub is compatible with all 868 MHz wireless M-Bus OMS-compliant devices – regardless of the manufacturer and the type of medium you are using (water, heat, electricity, gas).

Adapters for the GlobeOMS telemetry system built from the highest quality components of Sierra Wireless and Radiocrafts -leading electronics and radio component suppliers.

Smart connect

Special features



Collaboration with devices:
– with frequency of 169/433/868 MHz;
– compatible with wM-Bus OMS;
– regardless of the manufacturer.



Work at different temperatures.
Casing with IP68 certificate.
External installating options.
Sensors for dismantling and opening the housing.


Measurment on-line.

Real-time data capture and transfer.
Collection and processing – GlobeOMS surveillance system.


Occurence notifications

Quick fault detection.
Limitation of leakage start.
Full accountability of the media.


For occupants

Predictable amount of bills.
Current cost information.
Independent comparison of data.
Management of consumption and costs.
Notification of adverse occurences.
Convenience for renters.
For administrators
Transparent billing system.
Savings for Residents.
Reduce Residents' enquiries.
Modern management system.
Control of installation's fuctioning and meters.
Efficient invoicing and reporting.

Integration with GlobeOMS

The uL 3.0 connection with the GlobeOMS platform creates a convenient, user-friendly management system for readings, communication, maintenance, historical data as well as alarms in the event of a failure, leakage or other undesirable event. The above installation creates additional, intelligent solutions for example for Property Managers, Cooperatives or the Occupants themselves. The ability to control and regulate the level of media consumption at the level of individual household influences the economic dimension as well as the ecological consumption of the mentioned household. types of resources or energy. Real-time analysis of on-line data contributes to immediate failure detection, spill-bound startup and full media accounting.


Wireless communication

Frequency: 868 – 870MHz;
Max output power 9 dBm;
Sensitivity: R / S / T -106 / -102 / -101dBm;
Range of 800m in the field of view;
No device limits.

GSM communication

Modem: FX 30;
Aerial: exchangeable SMA;
A SIM card;
No transfer limit.

Management system readings

Historical data;
Examination of alarms;

Environmental conditions

Level of security:
IP68 for external housing;
-30 ° C to + 75° C



Globe OMS

Collect, store, analyze and share
readings distributed or settled media.



Automation of settlements and supervision

Advanced IT system for collecting, storing, analyzing and sharing real-time readings from electricity, heat, water and gas meters.

Steady analysis of collected data and immediate informing the Users about the occurrence of supervised happenings. Notices sent in the form of e-mail, sms or as information displayed in the mobile application.

Comprehensive service, not requiring from  users to make additional contracts, e.g. with mobile operators.


Automatic file processing

Quick and convenient settlement of premises.
Successful verification of media consumption.
Complete data that is necessary to issue an invoice.


Real-time monitoring

Steady analysis of data.
Reporting of the occurrence of supervised happenings.
Flooding and leakage warning.


Cost management

Save time and money of readings.
Reduce the cost of failure.
Current and historical information on meter status.
Optimizing media consumption.


Modern offer

Completely new services in the area of property supervision.
Mobile access to the system 24/7.
Mobile application also for final receivers.




Remote control of your lighting.


The ultimate goal of any modernization is to achieve operational savings. In the case of lighting, modernization involves the replacement of light sources into energy-efficient (usually LED) and the acquisition of further savings, e.g. by using the lighting control system.

LightOMS is a complete modernization solution that includes: modern LEDs (Toshiba LEDs), wireless control devices (NEMA Bridge and VEmesh Gateway) and the GlobeOMS server application.

LightOMS solutions are dedicated to local government units, developers, cooperatives, communities and their managers. Combined with street lamps – Toshiba LED, this is an ultra-modern solution for your city, housing, school, industrial facility or car park.


Remote controlling.
Control of energy consumption.
Quick response to failures.
Optimizing network maintenance processes.
Management and monitoring.
Increased sense of security.
Better color rendering, better recording from monitoring.
Adjusting the light intensity, e.g. depending on the weather.
Responding to unfavorable weather conditions, limiting visibility.
Increasing attractiveness of the city - a city friendly to the inhabitants and tourists.

Intelligent multi-resolution

GlobeOMS is, on the one hand, a remote control device, e.g. street lighting, part of the solutions generated by LightOMS. On the other hand, a modern system of supervision and management of distribution and consumption of media such as electricity, heat, water and gas, enabling active operation of their technical infrastructure. Both applications are part of the concept of intelligent management of urban or municipal infrastructure. In terms of intelligent metering, the platform provides tools that will enable bidirectional communication between the recipient and the supplier of the energy in question, and, in addition, the receiver itself is able to manage its energy consumption. The LightOMS solution saves money, keeps track of energy consumption and monitors failure.


VEmesh ™ IoT Extension to DALI, the E2D (Ethernet-to-DALI) wireless solution, is a professional solution for controlling DALI luminaires from the cloud.

The Bridge module is a DALI type luminaire attachment that connects to a wireless mesh network. One module can support several luminaires (several luminaires on one pole).

VEmesh automatically creates a network that connects all Bridge components and enables communication with the GlobeOMS server system by removing DALI protocol limits for the maximum number of controlled lights.

GlobeOMS gives you intuitive control of your lighting from the web browser on your PC or Smartphone!



Bridge module

VEmesh E2D NEMA Bridge is a wireless lighting control system based on the reliable VEmesh communications protocol developed by Virtual Extension. Ideal for street lighting, parking lighting and industrial lighting. VEmesh E2D NEMA Bridge is designed to control luminaires equipped with standard NEMA socket. It has a DALI interface that allows you to connect up to 4 DALI components (fixtures, detectors) to the system without the need for an additional DALI power supply. VEmesh E2D Bridge and connected luminaires and detectors form the E2D Network wireless network nodes managed by the VEmesh E2D Gateway.
• Compatible with DALI
• Operating voltage 110-277 VAC, 50/60Hz
• Environmental class IP65
• NEMA ANSI C136.41-2013 socket

VEmesh E2D Gateway

VEmesh Gate

The VEmesh E2D Gateway is the main element of the wireless lighting control system, based on the reliable VEmesh communication protocol developed by Virtual Extension. Enables wireless connectivity and control of up to 16,000 DALI luminaires and sensors. Ideal for street lighting, parking lighting and industrial lighting. The VEmesh E2D Gateway creates an E2D Network that connects the nodes created by the VEmesh E2D Bridge components with the attached DALI luminaires and sensors. The unit is equipped with an RJ-45 connector for connection to the VEHub system or another customer system. Allows you to control nodes connected to the network using the VEHub server platform or using dedicated APIs. For Netland products, the gateway provides connectivity to the GlobeOMS surveillance system.
• 868MHz VEmesh Wireless Network
• API functions for integrators
• DIN rail enclosure or “stand alone”
• Power supply 5VDC or 230V AC (DIN version)



Smart SAB

Support of the District Job Centers in the process
of activation of the unemployed.



Support of the District Job Centers in the process of activation of the unemployed.

A quick and transparent way to search for job offers and get details about job offers (e.g. employment conditions, location photos). Additionally, the mobile app indicates other offers from the location where the unemployed person is currently located.

Possibility of direct contact with the employer, application for a given job offer or current information about job offers fulfilling the previously defined criteria.

Combination of two integrated functionalities: web portal presenting current job offers in spatial distribution and applications for mobile devices allowing to view job offers depending on current location. SmartSAB is fully integrated with SyriusSTD.



Digitizing the documents

Save time and place! We will convert paper documents into their
electronic version, stored in digital form.



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