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Meters form the basis of smart grids, i.e. grids that can optimize consumption and significantly integrate renewable energy sources. Only in this way can the ambitious CO2 reduction targets to which European Union countries have committed be achieved and dependence on external energy supply countries be reduced.

Meter operators such as heating, water and utility companies and residential building administrators are investing in an interoperable meter fleet with communications open to the future.

Globe OMS

Heat meters


A state-of-the-art ultrasonic heat, cool or combo (heat and cool) meter, with a flow transducer made of fiberglass-reinforced composite, which has been specially designed and optimized for the requirements of building technology and plastic installations.


  • installed temp. sensor in the housing
  • temp. sensor 5.2 x 45 mm, cable 1.5 m
  • calculator detached from the flow meter
  • PC+GF composite converter, Tmax=1050C



A compact and rugged ultrasonic heat, cooling or combo (heat and cooling) meter that meets all residential requirements.


  • installed temp. sensor in the housing
  • temp. sensor 5.2 x 45 mm, cable 1.5 m
  • calculator detached from the flow meter
  • bronze converter Tmax=1050C (extra Tmax=1300C)


Universal ultrasonic meter for heat, cooling or combo (heat and cooling). With its precision, reliability and flexibility, it perfectly meets both the requirements of home technology and district heating networks. All this is realized at the best value for money over its lifetime

Main features:

  • Slot for 1 communication module
  • 2 independent pulse inputs
  • Metrology register-possible 5 changes of key parameters also during operation
  • Adaptive measurement mode
  • Indication of exact time for battery replacement
  • Mbus wired power supply
  • Capacious Datalogger
  • Firmware update on site
  • Designed for 20 years of operation


T550 is an advanced ultrasonic heat, cooling or combo (heat and cooling) meter for use in district heating and boiler plants,. All of this is realized at the best value for money throughout its lifetime.

Głowne cechy:

  • 2 slots for communication modules
  • High dynamic measurement performance
  • All-metal flowmeter design, with patented DuraSurface®
  • 2 integration modes (normal and fast response)
  • Battery or mains power supply
  • Capacious Datalogger
  • Flow meters from qp 0.6 to 60 m3/h
  • Large selection of communication modules
  • Designed for 16 years of operation
  • Communication: GSM (GPRS/NB-IoT/Cat.M1)/LoRa/wM-Bus

Water meters

We offer water meters designed for precise measurement of consumption of supplied water. Thanks to modern construction solutions, the water meters are adapted as standard for installation of communication overlays (radio, impulse and M-Bus) enabling remote reading of indications. These are the best protected dry type water meters against strong magnetic field. The water meters are made on the basis of the MID Directive in the measurement range corresponding to the values of R-100- 60H.


Water supply systems for cold water with a temperature of up to 50°C, used in single and multi-family housing. Rotating counter, allows easy reading of water meter readings in the associated operating positions. Installation in pipes (pipelines) horizontal with counter on top or on the side, and vertical with counter on the side.


  • Alarm signaling – a water meter equipped with a radio overlay has the ability to signal, for example, removal or breakage of the overlay, overlay interference, backflow, leaks, etc.
  • Ease of reading through:
    • hermetic counter resistant to fogging,
    • Legible digits on drums in two colors,
      allowing for error-free reading,
    • Rotation of the counter up to 360°,
  • Protection against mechanical tampering – through the use of a pin that deforms the abacus dial, leaving a permanent trace of unauthorized tampering

Energy meters

Reading of single-phase and three-phase electricity meters is carried out using telemetry exchanges, via GSM network (GPRS/NarrowBand /Cat.M1).
All data is available in the GlobeOMS system and in the GlobeOMS Mobile app,
which can be made available to end users. GlobeOMS provides access to current and historical data, active monitoring of all parameters and generation of reports. Thanks to integration with Business Intelligence and dedicated systems, it is possible to accurately analyze the collected data to optimize costs.



The E360 LTE type meter is Landis+Gyr’s latest smart utility meter for new energy markets. The meter enables flexible communication in the world of the Internet of Things (IoT). The E360 meter is a reliable and efficient device for electricity metering and network monitoring, offering built-in support for various energy utilities, along with an energy consumer interface.


Main features:

  • real-time monitoring of all meter parameters (possibility to define communication interval between telemetry panel, meter and Globe OMS)
  • access to data in GlobeOMS system with analysis and active monitoring of parameters
  • current monitoring and alarming (email, SMS, PUSH)
  • automatic sending of measurement results

Pre-insulated network detectors

Pre-insulated network detectors of companies such as e.g. LEVR and DASL constantly supervise the functioning of the heating network, and thanks to dedicated devices, data from the readout is sent via GSM communication to the GlobeOMS system. Online supervision enables alarming of failures, and online access to the system enables the current operation of the network

Main features:

  • monitoring of detector alarm states
  • resistance reading from all channels
  • support for impulse and resistance detectors
  • reading of the leakage location in the network
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Pressure transducers

Monitoring of relative pressure measuring transducers in liquids and gases in the range of 1-60 bar, incl. by JUMO using dedicated telemetry devices, both in
230V and battery versions. The data is presented in the GlobeOMS system on charts, dashboards and reports. Monitoring is used in heating nodes as well as in water supply networks. The use of
battery power enables monitoring in locations without access to a permanent power source, e.g. fire hydrants, water meter wells.


Main features:

  • online pressure monitoring in heating and water networks
  • reading in the GlobeOMS system with water meters, flow meters etc.
  • ongoing supervision and alerting (email, text messages, PUSH)
  • automatic sending of measurement results

Circulation pumps

We monitor the operation of circulation and circulating pumps from companies such as Wilo and Grundfos by using telemetry devices and the GlobeOMS system. In the system, we read the operating parameters of the pump and enable remote change of the operationconfiguration. In GlobeOMS we present a pump operation diagram, which allows you to check the current state of the device


Main features:

  • presentation of the pump operation diagram
  • control of pump operating parameters, incl.
    lifting height and operating mode
  • monitoring of exceeded pump operating parameters