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Main features


SaaS - system as a service, access through a website


possible reading of devices of different media, different manufacturers, all applications


does not require customers to have an IT infrastructure


compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2017 and ISO/IEC 27018:2017 standards


Heat meters

Heat meters of ULTRAHEAT Tx30 series – ultrasonic meters for heat, cold or combined (heat and cold), designed to meet all requirements in residential buildings. They are most often used as sub-meters for billing apartments and commercial premises.

Wireless communication

The heat meters are available with a 2-channel CE/CV pulse output module or an M-Bus module – both with a factory-installed 1.5m cable. The M-Bus module is galvanically isolated and features automatic baud rate detection (300/2400 baud), primary/secondary addressing and short circuit detection. For wireless communication, the meters can be equipped with modules: wireless M-Bus or LoRa WAN.

Hakar PLS and Hakar MMN telemetry exchanges are used to read data from heat meters, which transmit the read data to a telemetry server.

Adapters for heat meters

Landis + Gyr T550
Kamstrup Multical 401/402
Kamstrup Multical 403/603
Kamstrup Multical C66/601/602