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Globe OMS

uL 5.0 Concentrator

The uL 5.0 concentrator enables radio reception of readings from meters such as water meters, heat meters, gas meters, electricity meters, and data transmission to the telemetry cloud via GSM network.


The distinguishing feature of the uL 5.0 Concentrator is its real-time operation (reception and transmission of measurement data). In addition, the uL 5.0 Concentrator works with all devices with a frequency of 868 MHz, compliant with the Wireless M-Bus OMS protocol – regardless of the manufacturer and type of the supported medium (water, heat, electricity, gas).


muL 5.0 Repeater

The muL 5.0 repeater is a device that works with uL 5.0 to increase the range of the radio signal between the transmitting transmitters (end devices) and the concentrator.


An adapter device for the GlobeOMS telemetry system, built with the highest quality components from leading electronic and radio component suppliers.

RUTO telemetry head

Allows quick and easy reading of meters equipped with Wireless M-Bus OMS overlay or radio module. Radio reading takes much less time, and the digital method of data exchange eliminates manual data entry errors.

Specific features

Neutral technology

Cooperation with devices with:
- 169/433/868 MHz frequency;
- compatible with wM-Bus OMS;
- independent of the manufacturer.

Versatile installation

Operation at various temperatures. IP68 certified housing. Possibility of external mounting. Sensors for disassembly and opening of the housing.

24/7 online measurement:

Real-time data collection and transmission. Collection and processing - GlobeOMS surveillance system.

Immediate information about incidents

Rapid detection of failures. Reduction of leakage-related takeoffs. Full utility accountability.

Integration of
with the system

The uL 5.0 unit is a hardware component of GlobeOMS’ proprietary telemetry system, which presents and analyzed collected data. GlobeOMS is a convenient and user-friendly system for managing readings, communications, service, historical data, as well as alarms in case of emergence of failures, leaks or other definable adverse events. The above creates additional smart solutions, for example, for Property Managers, Cooperatives or Tenants themselves.

The ability to control and regulate the level of consumption of utilities already at the level of the individual household affects the economic, as well as ecological dimension of the consumption of the aforementioned types of resources / energy. Real-time analysis of the data collected online contributes to the immediate detection of failures, reduction of leakage starts and ensures full accountability of utilities.