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Globe OMS

Nakładki Warida WGA i Warida APA

Warida WGA and Warida APA overlays

are telemetry modules that communicate with the server using GSM (GRPS / Cat.M1 / NB-IoT) or LoRa, wM-Bus technology. They provide a communication medium for water meters used in water supply systems. The modules are easy to install, which is done without disturbing the legalization seal of the water meter. The devices have a counting module, thanks to which they continuously record the flow indicated by the water meter, recording the current volume every hour.

The devices also generate alarms for sudden water loss and long-term leakage. The encoded information stored in the device’s memory about the measurement readings is sent to the telemetry cloud and then made available in the GlobeOMS system and the GlobeOMS Mobile application. The system conducts constant supervision of correct utility consumption and alerts on any irregularities in the operation of the metered water supply network.

In addition, the overlays are equipped with a set of sensors to record abuse attempts against the water meter and the overlay itself.

Warida modules are designed for transmission of measurement data using GSM (GRPS / Cat.M1 / NB-IoT) or LoRa, wM-Bus technology. The overlays read the position of the dedicated pointer of the water meter counter using an inductive circuit, thanks to which it is possible to detect the rotation (in this direction), and thus record and transmit to the server the actual indication of the water meter counter. Thanks to the use of inductive reading of the position of the counter pointer, Warida can also be used in harsh operating conditions (including wells with high humidity or prone to flooding).

Range of configuration parameters:

  • interval of writing data to the device buffer (multiple of 15 minutes)
  • interval of communication of the device with the telemetry server
  • incidents monitoring status (active / inactive)
  • alarm parameters for incidents


  • Water leakage (flow below a certain volume, occurring for longer than a user-specified time)
  • Sudden water loss (flow above a certain volume, occurring for longer than a user-specified time)
  • Reverse flow
  • Detection of increase in magnetic field strength near the device
  • Attempt to interfere with the device
  • Low battery voltage

Technical data

Power supply (10+1 years) 13Ah
or 6Ah (5+1 years) battery
 1,6Ah (10+1 years) battery 13Ah (10+1 years)
or 6Ah (5+1 years) battery
3Ah (5+1 years)
or 6Ah (10+1 years) battery
Communication GSM (GPRS /
wM-Bus LoRa GSM (GPRS / Cat.M1
/ NB-IoT)
wM-Bus LoRa
Air tightness class IP51 IP68 IP51 IP68 IP51 IP68 IP51 IP68
Working temperature 0°C ÷ 60°C 0°C ÷ 60°C 0°C ÷ 60°C 0°C ÷ 60°C
Antenna Int./extern. MMCX Built-in Int./extern. MMCX Int./extern. MMCX
Communication with the water meter Inductive Inductive Inductive Inductive